Friday Favorites! Fitness Challenge, Coobie Seamless Bras, Vaya Tyffyn Lunchbox, & Monthly BuffBoxx!

Friday Favorites! Fitness Challenge, Coobie Seamless Bras, Vaya Tyffyn Lunchbox, & Monthly BuffBoxx!
January 19, 2018 –

Happy Friday, friends!! :]

Hope you had an awesome week! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a Friday Favorites so hereeeeeee we go! xo

1) It’s FITNESS CHALLENGE TIME here are our local rec center! I’m so happy to be a part of this for the 2nd year now and being around such motivating people!

A few of us instructors lead classes throughout the week that are part of the challenge and we have over 100 people signed up this year to join us!


(love my girl Liza – in the red shirt – in this picture!)


2) Coobie Seamless Bras


Ok, let me be honest….since I’m in a sports bra every single day for work, anything with a wire just doesn’t happen over here. Even when I wear a nice sweater or top, I tend to lean towards these seamless bras with a little padding instead of an underwire bra. #teamcomfort


I was pumped to try Coobie Bras because they have tons of ultra-soft and stretchy options to keep it comfortable and sleek.


I got neutral colors to go under most of my “not workout clothes” tops ;] & I loved the strapless version too!

I don’t wear many strapless options under sweaters and things but I did wear the tan laced Coobie under a sweater & I was perfectly comfortable the whole time. I just added 2 little sports bra pads in it and it was great!


3) Vaya Tyffyn Lunchbox

Vaya Tyffyn was a lunchbox designed to ensure that you enjoy your meal at its freshest…plus, CHECK THAT COLOR! SLAY. (I’m a sucker for anything gold).


Inspired by the great Indian tradition of the Dabbawalas, who bike stainless steel lunch boxes from tens of thousands of homes to office-goers across the city of Mumbai, Vaya has reinvented the tiffin box to create a sleek, functional and versatile product that packs the goodness of wholesome food.


Ok, this is a MEAL PREP DREAM for you meal-preppers out there that take your food on the go!

Vaya is made from food–grade stainless steel with vacuum insulation technology to keep your food the way you pack it, warm or cold for up to 5 hours.


It also had BPA free lids & dividers that go into the containers to separate your food as well.

And as if they didn’t think of everything already, it comes with a TOTE to zip up around it & carry it that also helps keep the temperate just right!


How cute!? I just love this whole concept.



Y’all know I love my monthly BuffBoxx! They recently just partnered with Under Armour which is awesome since I’m still a big fan of their clothing after working with them for a few years.


This month had an Under Armour grey razor back tank, Shoot-N-Shake protein powder funnel, Angry Mills caffeine infused nut butter, SINFIT protein bars, Scivation products, & a smart bracelet to count steps!

You can use code “powercakes” for 10% off your boxx! ;]


5) Looking back at how far you’ve come — DO IT!


I’m going to a whole separate post on this but I just had to share it here as it is truly one of my new favorite quotes!

Happy WEEKEND PEOPLE! What are your friday favorites?

Be true to you,

xo Kasey


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Babbleboxx New Year! [Lean, Clean, and Green)

Babbleboxx New Year! [Lean, Clean, and Green)
January 9, 2018 –

Happy New Year, friends!! I hope you had an amazing Holiday Season!!

We’re getting back into the swing of things over here after spending two awesome weeks with our family and just like anyone else, I love the extra motivation of a blank slate for the new year!

In celebration of a new year, yourself, and a theme of clean (literally! just wait), lean, & green I’ve partnered up with my friends at BabbleBoxx to bring to you some new products to try!

Y’all know I love me some boxes & trying new products. I love that my clients & you all (my amazing readers!) trust my opinion on trying new things. I feel it’s only right to truly recommend something after I’ve had the chance to try it for myself.

1) Waterpik Shower Heads


Can we just talk about showers for a second? Does anyone else look SO forward to their shower at the end of the day? After a day in the life of a trainer (mostly sweaty for about 80% of the day), there’s nothing like that end of the day shower to get clean, relax, & help me fall asleep.

Then….let’s add in an amazing new Waterpik shower head and you can rejuvenate even more in your own little home spa shower.


I was sent the Chrome PowerSpray+™ Hand Held Shower Head with PowerPulse Massage with 9 spray setting options for a wide range of shower experiences.

This would be an awesome way to focus on YOU in the New Year!

2) CW Hemp: Hemp infused oil, cream and balm

CW Hemp is a family owned Colorado Company and the exclusive provider of Charlotte’s Web, the World’s Most Trusted Hemp Extract.


Ok y’all…this girl right here has some of the driest skin in the winter. When I was younger and to this day I still have eczema that I’ve worked through some food intolerances to help with but a good cream is KEY to my happiness as my skin can still get dry.


You can literally see my dry skin in this picture…just saying! ;]

Right when I came home this winter for the Holiday, my mom was telling me how she was using a Hemp infused lotion for her chair massage clients and how they all LOVED it.


CW Infused Hemp lotion has beneficial botanicals to help support skin health with vitamin B5, coconut oil, hemp extract, aloe, arnica, & shea butter. All amazing additions to take care of YOU (and your skin) this new year!


There has been TONS of benefits shown to start taking Hemp Oils and I’ve jumped on the wagon to hopefully work on lessening my anxiety.

Hemp has been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety, & promote overall well-being when added into your day. Now, each person will VARY for how much they need and with anything, it takes time & consistency to start noticing a change.

Here’s an awesome article from CW to explain “When To Expect Results from CW Hemp Oil” & I suggest doing your own research as well!

Use this discount code for 10% off!  “BABBOXRATSY7QXJJO1 “

*1 USE PER CUSTOMER (Not valid on Bulk Products) * expires 2/15/17 

blackline3) Casio: G-Shock S Series Step Tracker (GMAS130)


This Trainer right here rocks a watch every single day to keep me on time and have all of my sessions go smoothly. I’m not a fan of running over to check my phone to see the time during sessions so having a good watch is KEY for me.

The G-Shock S Series Step Tracker features an automatic step counter display, 200M water resistance, shock resistance, & the look is super sleek in tons of color options.


The watch censor starts counting steps automatically whenever you begin walking, jogging, or running.

The step counter automatically resets itself to zero when the date changes, and then starts counting again…how cool is that?

Awesome way to kickstart some movement for the New Year!


4) The Synergy Company: Organic Matcha Powder

So I’m a coffee lover through & through…but I’m not going to lie that there are days where I totally crave a nice hot cup of tea. And, if I can make it more of a “latte” then count me in!


The Synergy Company has taken it one step further and turned their organic matcha into CAPSULES! How easy is that?!


Matcha has been everywhere lately, and for good reason as there are tons of ways you can have it.

Organic Matcha Powder is said to be one of the most beneficial form of Japanese green tea with good reason.

Match can help sustain your energy, concentration, & productivity as well as being one of the planet’s healthiest superfoods with more than 10x the antioxidants compared to traditional teas. Heck yeah!

Have you ever tried Matcha?


5) Primal Life Organics 

Ok, this product was pretty sweet. I’ve used different types of all-natural toothpastes before but never in a “powder” form & I definitely didn’t mind it….especially when I was traveling recently & TOTALLY forgot toothpaste & a toothbrush, per usual.


Primal Life Organics develops skincare products that omit wheat, dairy, irritants, toxins and chemicals.


Their All Natural Peppermint Toothpowder is made from a clay & their Charcoal Ion Toothbrush binds onto your teeth and helps deep clean. Both awesome additions to your new year! 

Use discount code “PLOBOXX217″ for 20% off your purchase!


That’s all she wrote folks! I hope you found some new products you’d love to try for New Year! Please let me know any questions in the comments below on these and I’ll be happy to help!

Have you ever tried any of these??

Cheers to YOU & be true to you,

xo Kasey


This post is sponsored by but as always, all opinions are my own! #betruetoyou


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Happy New Year! Home For The Holidays & Why There Is No “Magic” Amount of Time To Be In The Gym.

Happy New Year! Home For The Holidays & Why There Is No “Magic” Amount of Time To Be In The Gym.
January 4, 2018 –

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope you’re having an awesome start to your NEW YEAR!

I had to post about something that literally JUST happened a few minutes ago when I was spending some time with my friend Jen this morning…

I’m still in PA visiting family & I’m subscribed to a local gym here for text messages because I like to use their facility for massages whenever I’m home…and as Jen & I are standing there saying goodbye, I get a text that says “Feeling Fat? Join today!”

We looked at each other and thought…gosh, they could’ve used some different wording to maybe POSITIVELY MOTIVATE people to get active instead of instantly going to “feeling fat? join the gym.”

For some reason that just rubbed me the wrong way as I try so hard to help people realize that they are so much more than what their body looks like & that simply MOVING and how you FEEL is everything …

and! it will also be the reason why you stay motivated because you FEEL GOOD.

You know I’m all heated when I type in CAPS LOCK EVERYTHING ;]

But for real….just wanted to get on here to remind you that you are SO much more than how you look….you need to commit to FEELING good and taking care of yourself physically AND mentally… and that will be different for everyone when it comes to fitness.

Speaking of this — another topic I wanted to chat about with all of the New Years buzz is that taking a break or listening to your body is OK y’all.

Over this break being home for holidays I definitely haven’t been training as consistent as usual in the gym … AND that’s OK.

In 2 weeks I’ve probably trained 3-4 times & in years past I would totally beat myself up over not working out for days while home.

AND trust me, those thoughts sometimes creep back in … but each year, things get put into more perspective and I’m able to manage those thoughts even better.

We travel between our families over the 2 weeks we are home since Corey & I are from different towns about 1.5 hours from each other. We spend a few days in one town and then a few in the other trying to make sure we see our loved ones and friends.

I get to do things like babysit my nephew….


& see my family and friends …


First time doing a paint night, loved it!

So, sometimes training isn’t at the top of the priority list.

Now, I love training & how it makes me feel so if it works into the schedule while we’re home, we go! But if not, I just remember that my body will totally pick back up after a break & if anything, will probably feel even better because of the rest I’ve given it.


Yesterday Corey and I got in a session before we went to visit a friend and our training lasted about 45 minutes! It felt great to lift again and even better to be in & out in 45 minutes.

In the past I used to be obsessed with working out for an hour or even more as if it was a “magic” amount of time I had to be in the gym … & don’t get me wrong, sometimes my training sessions do go longer if I’m really in the zone & lose track of time or I’m taking a group class … & sometimes they don’t and last 30 minutes— and that’s OK.

I truly believe in putting in your effort with each set & connecting to the muscle or movement that you are working instead of just going through the motions and watching the clock tick to make sure you’re in the gym for a certain amount of time.

My girl @alessandrascutnik justttt posted about this because this was a big topic we just chatted about recently when I went to visit her.

We chatted about where we’re at with training & how much more we really focus on that “mind-muscle connection” and the PURPOSE of each move then we did back in the day when we first started training.

So this year, instead of feeling pressure to be doing something everyone else is or not “doing enough”….don’t be afraid to safely challenge yourself in the gym & try not to get too fixated on the amount of time you spend in the gym but the QUALITY of time you spend in the gym.

There is no magic amount of time to be in the gym and everyone’s sessions will look different — just do something you enjoy and get your motivation to FEEL good.

I hope you have an awesome new year!

BE TRUE TO YOU, always!

xo Kasey


Leave a comment below sharing how you want to FEEL for the New Year! xo


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