What EAT. LIFT. THRIVE. Means To Me

What EAT. LIFT. THRIVE. Means To Me
April 11, 2018 –

3 simple yet complex words with such a history for me.

Thank you @soheefit for this reminder…if you’re not following her – please do! She is AMAZING and has an outstanding range of content she posts.

I was so inspired the second I saw this tank top to 1) not only ROCK it because it’s what I believe but 2) share what these 3 words mean to me at 28 years old…

blacklineE A T:

My first eating disorder was when I was 10. I had severe anxiety which led me to “controlling” my food in order to be in control of something (which at the time, gives you peace). I listened to anything I heard on TV like “don’t eat after 6pm” which is a myth but, my 10 year-old-self would have massive anxiety if I ate anything at 6:01pm.

I was ruled by a clock & my anxiety. I went to therapy for years & it truly saved me with the amazing support of my family.

In college, EAT took on a whole new anxiety. I wanted to look a certain way & I would go to some extreme measures to do it. Put myself on a “diet” that I knew nothing about doing & worked out 2-3 times a day in order to attain “abs” or “perfection”.

Guess what? I got abs..along with some of the most unhealthy moments of my life. Hair falling out, gut issues, pigheadedness, no menstrual cycle, & I was far from “thriving.”

My light bulb moment was when I was student teaching & realized I was telling them to fuel their bodies yet I wasn’t.

How would I be a role model to these students that I was so passionate about teaching?

I started to slowly incorporate more food & less workouts & it took TIME.


Years of challenging myself daily to eat a bit more & love myself for who I was without chasing perfection.

Now, I eat to FUEL.


This was a smoked salmon fritatta at breakfast with mamacakes
when I was visiting home! (First Watch Cafe is the BEST!)

I have a nutrient dense base with no foods off-limit (if I want a donut, cookie, etc. I EAT it because life’s too short not to enjoy in a moderation that works for you) it took a long time but it’s such a big milestone for me.

blacklineL I F T:

I LOVE lifting & being strong. I also love knowing that I can always improve & get STRONGER.

I love challenging myself yet not crushing myself with cardio as a safety net. I lift multiple days a week & then throw in bodyweight movements & classes because I truly ENJOY them.

Finding a balance of lifts, intensity, & rest/recovery is something I’m always finding for myself.


(shout out to my awesome facial expressions when lifting, haha!)

For too long I took lifting & eating to an extreme and I believe it’s so important to be CONSISTENT and NOT extreme.

Do what you ENJOY to be strong & feel awesome.

T H R I V E:

When I put the above together, I’m thriving so much more & am thankful that I can help others do the same.


What does EAT. LIFT. THRIVE. mean to you?

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

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