Her Health Month With Babbleboxx & A GIVEAWAY!

Her Health Month With Babbleboxx & A GIVEAWAY!
May 16, 2018 –

Happy Wednesday, friends! I’m currently on a flight on Chicago for an exciting week (make sure to follow along on instagram!).

I was so pumped before I left thought because my Her Health Boxx came in the mail & I’m excited to share about it with y’all (and A GIVEAWAY!) because I love getting these awesome products in your hands!

My friends at Babbleboxx sent me this awesome Her Health Month box loaded with all things to focus on YOU ladies!


1) Zenni Optical Blue Blockers

I’ve been a big fan of “blue blocking” glasses after learning how this light can effect your sleep, anxiety, & can potentially help mitigate damage to your eye later in life.


Zenni’s glasses have a clear lens that blocks HEV blue light so you can use them while watching TV, using your phone, or working on the computer like I do!


I’m giving away a pair of Zenni glasses so make sure you enter below!


2) AfterShoxz Open Ear Headphones

I’m a bit of a headphone snob…I admit! Certain ones hurt my ears and others are just not comfortable. I personally tend to lean towards the large headphones that go over your ears so I was excited to try out something new from AfterShoxz.


These Bluetooth headphones go over your ears but in an “open ear” fashion so there are no pieces going into your ears. It took me a second to realize this but once I did, I really liked the concept!


I love that they stay in place, have a low wrap around feature, are bluetooth, & have great sound.

You can use code KASEY30 for $30 off your Trekz Air until June 30th!


3) Chesapeake Bay Candle

Ok y’all…I am a CANDLE GIRL! Literally obsessed with a lighting a candle at any point in the day to add a bit of coziness & calmness whether I’m working on the computer or relaxing at night with the pup & hubs.


I hate to sound like such a “snob” in these reviews BUT I am particular on what kind of candles that I choose.


The smell is AMAZING. Even Kita agrees! ;]

I try to aim for candles that are natural & don’t have a ton of chemicals or perfumes which is why I am LOVING this Soy wax blend candle from Chesapeake Bay that is infused with essential oils.


4) Pure Synergy: Organic Beet Juice Powder & Turmeric Extract


I’ve been a big fan of turmeric & beet for a while now after learning the AMAZING properties they carry, especially for athletes!

I personally take organic turmeric extract daily to help reduce inflammation & help recover.


Beets are awesome for athlete’s recovery & are loaded with phytonutrients.


This Pure Syngery beet powder would be awesome in a smoothie for it’s benefits….and the beautiful color!

I personally tried it “straight up” & added a little hit of stevia and honestly, it was super refreshing and reminded me of when I would get a fresh juice!

You can get a 15% discount with code: PureSynergyPartner


5) Champion

I’ve been an OG fan of Champion Athletic Wear for years. Most of you probably know the company as it has been around for quite some time and for good reason!


In my boxx was the Absolute Mesh Sports Bra and I LOVED it.


I am wearing a size medium but also would have been comfortable in a large.

It is a wicking material for moisture management & quick drying moderate support sports bra that I felt totally confident wearing with some high-waisted leggings.


Kita even wanted to get in on the action! I love this girl.



6) The Myth Of A Nice Girl

This book by Fran Hauser summed up is “A candid guide for ambitious women who want to succeed without losing themselves in the process.”


Within seconds I fell in love with this book. It is all about breaking the myth of just being “a nice girl” while empowering women to own their truth & power.

I personally have felt that in situations I wasn’t taken as serious because I was female speaking to males. This happened early on in my personal training years. This did NOT stop me from pursuing my passion and career.

If anything, it made me never want to feel that way again and believing in myself no matter what I thought that others were thinking.

This book is all of that & more…and perfect for my plane rides I have this week! ;]


I hope you enjoyed this review & got introduced to some new goodies! As always, your support means to much!


With that being said, I want to offer one lucky reader a chance to win a pair of Zenni Optical Blue Blocker glasses! Just enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you Babbleboxx for always having such fun products that are right up my alley! I just love them.

Be true to you,

xo Kasey



All photography was done from my girl @Mikayla_PascoPhotography

This post in sponsored by Babbleboxx but as always, all opinions are my own! #betruetoyou

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Do you #pushback against your fears?

Do you #pushback against your fears?
May 13, 2018 –

Happy weekend, friends! I hope you’re having an awesome one.

Unfortunately our weather here is GROSS but the warmer temps are making up for it! I’m so pumped it’s getting closer to summer!

the beach is my happy place

Today I wanted to share with you something that keeps popping up within my week. Often times I come across a quote that fits into my life at THE perfect time.

 “I want to get more comfortable
being uncomfortable.
I want to get confident being uncertain.
I don’t want to shrink back
just because something isn’t easy.
I want to push back,
and make more room in the area
between I can’t & I can.” 

IMG_0368 (1)
Every new situation towards your goals where you get those anxious butterflies is another opportunity to grow & gain experience on your path.

Whether it’s with myself or watching my clients have these moments … they never fail to cause growth.

I often see client’s or even myself, look at a new challenge and instantly think “I can’t” … and usually in THAT moment is where the magic happens.

They can run further than they thought, they can do more push-ups than they originally thought, they can lift heavier than they originally thought…it’s a BEAUTIFUL thing to witness.

Even for myself…if I get asked to speak, host, or lead something I sometimes go right to doubt like, why me? And then I have to #pushback against that thought & route into my passion that I am meant to help others and I CAN do this.

Go after what you think you can’t do….and about 100% of the time…you CAN do it.

As a trainer, watching a client accomplish something they once thought they couldn’t do is exactly why I do what I do.

So, I just felt that I needed to get on here & type it out and hopefully this hits home with someone.

I hope next time you think you can’t do something or your faced with a new challenge in life, you #PUSHBACK against that fear and go for it.

You will learn something about yourself every single time.

Have an awesome start to your week, friends!

xo Kasey


Share below if you’ve had a #PUSHBACK moment! You never know who you will inspire.

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My Top Stretches For Recovery & EcoSox [Giveaway]!

My Top Stretches For Recovery & EcoSox [Giveaway]!
May 1, 2018 –

Happy Tuesday, friends!! I hope you’re having an awesome day!

I’m pumped because the weather is starting to turn for the best & that means….more outdoor workouts!!

Today I’m sharing with you some of my TOP stretches for recovery post-workout (which you can totally take outside!) thanks to my friends at EcoSox for sponsoring this post!

I teach group fitness 3 days per week (shout out to my peeps!!) & stretching/cooling down at the end is SO important, which is why I wanted to share with you what we do in class!


You just put your body through some WORK and now you’ve got to bring it back down to center and give your muscles some recovery lovin’.


I’ve partnered with my friends at EcoSox to bring to you my top stretches AND a giveaway with their awesome sox made from BAMBOO! Hence “eco” sox! ;]


Bamboo EcoSox are a GREAT option for fitness peeps like us due to:

Bamboo Viscose Fibers offer a silky, buttery, super soft feel.
They keep your feet extra dry by absorbing nearly three to four times more moisture than cotton!
The fibers “breathe” so your feet stay just warm – and just cool- enough.
EcoSox don’t contain fabric conditioners or chemical additives.
Bamboo is extremely eco-friendly!

They come in all different sizes, lengths, & colors too!


Let me tell you…I’m pretty particular about what socks I wear. I’m not sure if it’s the former soccer player in me but I’m all about the QUALITY of socks and how they FEEL on my feet.

I’m a huge fan of the crew socks in the summer with shorts! It’s my go-to look.


I need a slight hug around my arch and a higher back tab to protect from blisters…and the EcoSox Bamboo Crew, Bamboo Performance Tab, & Bamboo No Show sox did not disappoint!

What better way to show you my top stretches than on a dock with the sunset in the background? Pinch me. Thank you @MikaylaPascoPhotography for your amazing skills AS always! xo

Stretch #1) RUNNERS LUNGE (with opener)


Targets: hip flexors, hamstrings, & glutes

Opener: same as above + opening of the chest


Stretch #2: Lying Crossover Stretch


Targets: Glutes, hamstrings, low back

Stretch #3: Forward Fold (knees slightly bent)


Targets: hamstrings, glutes, calves, lower back, upper back, & neck (basically the whole bod!)


I then take this one and hang to the right for a few seconds then to left to really let it release those muscles. The slight bend in your knees is KEY to really target the hamstrings.



Stretch #4: Thread The Needle

Targets: glutes, hips, upper back, lower back, shoulders, & neck.


Love to really press down with the arm underneath me to really open up my lat muscle.

Stretch #5: Seated Chin To Chest


Targets: low back, upper back, shoulders/traps, & neck.


I LOVE this one for a neck release. Keep shoulders down as you stretch your arms out in front of you and drop your chin to chest (as long as that feels ok!).

Stretch #6: Seated Reach Side Bend


Targets: low back, upper back, lats, obliques, hips, & neck.

Think about a nice long reach overhead to really stretch out your side.

All stretches can be held for 30-90 seconds — the goal is to really SINK INTO the stretch and let the muscles release and the stretch get deeper with each breath.


My friends at EcoSox are offering a 20% off discount with code “POWERCAKES20” at checkout!

ANDDDD an awesome giveaway where 1 winner will win 2 pairs of ECOSOX – winner’s choice!

Enter below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you EcoSox & be true to you,

xo Kasey

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#NeverStopExploring BEACH WORKOUT with North Face & Zappos!

#NeverStopExploring BEACH WORKOUT with North Face & Zappos!
April 25, 2018 –

This is a sponsored post between myself & Zappos but as always, all opinions are my own! #betruetoyou

Hello my friends & happy Wednesday!!


Can you hear my excitement through my fingertips?

Gosh, I have been waiting for the spring weather to appear ALL of April & it’s finally hit us in the North East!


This is my favorite time of the year for many reasons….

1) I love warm weather 2) I’m in a better mood when it’s sunny 3) I’m more motivated when it’s nicer out 4) I love getting OUTSIDE for workouts, with my clients, riding bikes, & now with our new pup, nice long walks and runs!


I’ve partnered with my friends at Zappos & The North Face to make this Spring even more exciting with their new training line! These pieces are LEGIT, y’all.


I’ve always known The North Face for their cozy fleece tops but they are truly a brand that you can wear year round which means you can ride that bike in STYLE! ;]

The hubs and I are getting new bikes here soon and I can’t wait to take some nice long rides in the warmer weather on our local bike path.


The North Face Afterburn Tank Top (size medium), & Mountain Sneaker (size 8.5) paired perfectly for a bike ride along the water.


I LOVE the cutout in the back of this tank and how you could either tie it up or leave flowy.


The sneakers are a bit wider with a boxier front so just keep that in mind when ordering! They are definitely comfy & durable, just a bit of a wider shoe.


With the warmer weather & The North Face’s new #NeverStopExploring campaign, I challenge you to feel EMPOWERED & try a workout in a new location!

IMG_0335 (1)

Whether it be outside, on the beach, or taking your bike on a new path…never stop exploring! You never know what you will find or how it will make you FEEL.


I was inspired by the campaign to take my workout to the BEACH a few weeks ago (in about 50 degree weather) but it was SO worth it.


This North Face outfit was not only super comfortable and MOVED with my body but I love the look!


The top is the Beyond The Wall Free Motion Bra (size medium) which pair perfectly with the Indigo High-Rise Crop Pant (size small), & the Mountain Sneaker (size 8.5) for a beach workout!

I love anything high-waited and these crops were SUPER comfy yet supportive at the same time. I also love the “distressed” look to them!

IMG_0359 (1)

And this crop sports bra? Obsessed with the design on the back & the comfort/support combo as well!

IMG_0368 (1)

As I got moving, my body got warmer, & I was movin’ with pace in no time to create this Never Stop Exploring circuit for you guys!













Repeat this circuit for 3 rounds!

This North Face line will keep you motivated to get out there and try new things! All of these pieces can be found on Zappos which, as always, promises fast, free shipping, 365-day return policy, and stellar customer service!

Every time I need to make a swap with sizes or a return, Zappos does not disappoint!


I may have had to clean the sand out of my shoes for a few minutes…but it was worth it ;]

What’s your favorite way to Never Stop Exploring!? Share below!


Thank you to The North Face & Zappos for making this outdoor workout so fun!

Be true to you…and always laugh at yourself,

xo Kasey


All photographs were taken by my girl Mikayla @Mikayla_PascoPhotography!

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