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Protein Coconut Macaroons [Recipe]!
September 10, 2018 –

Happy Monday, friends! It’s a new start to your week – how are you doing!?

Not going to lie, yesterday I didn’t move much from the couch. I was snuggled up with the pup with football on, a candle lit, & a gloomy day outside…and I’m not complaining! 

I always love a “down-time” day to recharge for a new week.

Other than relaxing on the couch — I promise that I DID actually get up to make this new recipe and it’s a winner!

I’m a huge fan of coconut macaroons … you can thank my sister-in-law for that as she makes THE BEST.

I’ve always tried to think up a powerful version of these with some added protein while being inspired by her recipe & I’m pumped to say that I think I did it thanks to my bff’s at NOW FOODS.

These were crunch on the outside & still gooey on the inside — just the way I like them!



Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Add your egg whites, sugarless sugar, coconut nectar, almond extract, & salt into a bowl and combine until frothy with your hand mixer or whisk.
Once frothy, add in your protein powder & mix again until combined/frothy.
Once mixed, fold in your coconut with a spatula until combined.
Use a ice cream scoop or spoon to easily plop 12 cookies onto a parchment lined cookie sheet.
Bake for 8 minutes (or until slightly browned on the top & bottom)
Let cool (they will finish cooking on the cookie sheet out of the oven & really solidify!)


These were SO delicious & an awesome lower-sugar alternative to regular macaroons while still being sweet thanks to the sugarless sugar stevia mix & the protein powder.

The almond extract takes it to a whole new level but feel free to leave that out if almond is not your thanggggg.


Side note: I do believe that whey protein is the best choice for this recipe as far as baking goes. I did try this recipe with NOW’s egg white protein (which I love in a shake or my oatmeal!) but they got very hard, like hockey pucks ;] Not going to lie.

Soooo, once I swapped to whey protein, they kept their chewiness and consistency so well.

I always go for a high quality protein and NOW Foods always has me covered!


If you try these out – let us know! Tag @NowFoodsOfficial & @powercakes.

Be true to you,

xo Kasey





This post is sponsored by my bff’s at NOW FOODS but as always, all opinions are my own.

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Friday Favorites – Softsoap, English Muffins, Street Strider, & BUFFBOXX!

Friday Favorites – Softsoap, English Muffins, Street Strider, & BUFFBOXX!
September 7, 2018 –

Happy Friday, friends!! How is your week going!?

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram – I’ve been posting 1 move a day for this week to help kickstart your September! Who is ready to start it off STRONG!?

Side note: I’ve got a cool project that I’ve been working on that will be launching at the end of September! ;] So keep an eye out!

It feels like a hot minute since I’ve done a FRIDAY FAVORITES and I’ve got some cool things to share with you guys!


Guys, did you catch this video on my instagram!?

Let me introduce you to the StreetStrider!

The StreetStrider is essentially a moving elliptical combining the low-impact benefits of skiing, jogging, and cycling….and in all honesty, it’s super fun to use.

It has LEAN-TO-STEER technology so your body is in control of leaning towards the direction you want to go.


As you can see in the IG video, we had members at the gym jump on to try it out too!

They all commented how it was a smooth ride, they could feel their core engaged, & their legs were burning. Definitely a conversation starter and looks like it’s found its home at the gym!

I got a creative & put together a fun little circuit that challenges the full body using the StreetStrider that you can check out on Instagram!


This thing is TOO cool and a fun way to switch up your routine!


2) Canyon Gluten Free Bakehouse English Muffins

Ok, I am a hugeeee english muffin fan. There’s something about it that makes it win out over toast, for me.


My friends at Canyon Bakehouse are always SO sweet and send me their new products and these are DELISH.


Even Kita was into the english muffins ;] per usual, with any food.

I toasted one up and topped it with mashed avocado, hard boiled eggs, & Trader Joes everything but the bagel seasoning. SO good!


They even sent this adorable “Peace, Love, & English Muffins” mug that I can’t wait to add to my mug collection ;]

These muffins are gluten free with 4 grams of protein & can be found in your store’s freezer section!




Y’all know I love my monthly BuffBoxx! Each month I get some new supplements, fitness products, & athletic apparel in each box. It’s basically Christmas morning every time I get a box! ;]


This month was an awesome long sleeve Under Armour shirt (with thumb-holes!!), protein shakes, electrolyte/energy tabs, & wireless headphones!

You can use code “POWERCAKES” at checkout for a discount!


4) Softsoap Earth Blends

Softsoap Earth Blends, a Walmart exclusive, ranges from the kitchen sink to the bathroom shower with a paraben-free and dye-free moisturizing line made from biodegradable cleaning ingredients.


Whenever it comes to products to use around the house, I lean towards all-natural and safe ingredients so when Softsoap reached out about their new Earth Blends, I was pumped to try them out.


Y’all — they smell SO GOOD.

From the bar soap, to the hand soap, & then the body wash — I’m a fan! Thank you Softsoap!


5) Family Time <3

Last Friday, the hubs had the day off from work so we got to spend basically the whole day together, which is rare because of our busy and opposite schedules.


It’s so important to take time, even for the little things, to just catch up with each-other on everything…and of course we brought our sweet girl along.

We got a workout in…IMG_9690

then went to my favorite place for breakfast….


After breakfast we went on a big walk with Kita before hanging at a water-side bar/grill for a few hours to enjoy the last few days of summer.


By the end of the day, we had 2 tired pups….1 human & 1 not.


That hand hold, though <3

With the transition of Fall coming sooner than I would like (I just love the summer too much!), my schedule swaps a bit and my evenings are more booked with clients — so whenever we can get time to go out & enjoy each-others company, we do! It’s so important and of course, 1 of my favorite things <3

I hope you have an AWESOME weekend my friends! I’m getting some more pictures done tomorrow for what’s to come at the end of September ;] after teaching my bootcamp class in the morning…love Saturdays!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

What’s one of your recent favorites!?


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